Not receving all incoming calls

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I am using for my provider and I have FreePBX my current setup is as follows:

I have a ring group on that should ring all at the same time

  1. Obi1062 deskphone in office

2… my cell phone

  1. my pbx FreePBX extension which my computer is running microsip. I have setup voicemail on this as well.

99% of the time numbers 1 and 2 will ring. Number 3 will only ring 50% and goes to voicemail if i don’t pickup. If it does not ring then it goes to voicemail since it is setup as a backup.
What logs can I post or look at? I looked at my online account at and it always says the account is registered so I am not sure why it does not go thru all the time.

Outgoing calls work fine from my computer using microsip to the PBX work great.

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The result of pjsip set logger on / sip set debug on for an incoming call, although I suspect that the calls aren’t reaching you, which is usually because of dynamic NAT or firewall rules timing out.

I note that another user is reporting something similar: Freepbx times-out - must restart asterisk

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do i type that at the command line?
Also how do i turn off once done?

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You type the appropriate one at the Asterisk CLI prompt. You turn it off by re-entering it with “on” replaced by “off”.

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