No call progress output to CLI


I am no longer seeing call progress messages in the CLI, for example when making an inbound call to the system. This happened after bulk updating the Freepbx modules. I don’t have the complete module list, I would say at 30 or so were updated.

The update appeared to be successful and the system appears to be working properly. I am able to launch commands from the CLI, i.e. ‘sip show channels’. Call info does appear in the asterisk logs.GUI appears okay.

Asterisk ver 16.8.0
Freepbx ver

I’m not sure where to begin troubleshooting. Does anyone have experience with a problem like this?

I appreciate any help / pointers.

I would assume the recent security patch broke it based on this post.

Hello Jared,

Thank you for the reply. This is telling.

My list in Module Admin does have a CDR module and the ver # matches.
I did not find CEL or Logfiles modules.

When the system quiets down toniight I will disable the CDR module and test.

Thanks for your help.

I manually edited the logger config files (see my post) at first to get it working, but lgaetz had the (probably more correct) GUI driven fix here:

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Yes, lgaetz’s fix worked for me. And I thought I looked everywhere:-) Thanks for the heads up.!

And, thanks Lorne.

Help I cannot find Igaetz’s fix. Where to look?
Thanks New on here.

lgaetzLorne GaetzSangoma


edit: The original post:

Settings, Asterisk Logfile Settings, Log Files tab. Ensure that you have logging enabled for console:

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