MWI not working properly (PJSIP & Snom-Phones)

Hey guys,
I’ve got a FreePBX Distro with multiple Snom-Phones (D785 & M300/M25).
MWI has always worked perfectly right out of the box, I’m using two mailboxes, one virtual extension as shared mailbox for multiple people and one “normal” mailbox.
I’ve noticed that lately no MWI signal is working properly, sometimes it’s lighting up but then not turning off once the message has been deleted, but most of the time nothing happens at all.
I’ve noticed that after a Reboot of the phone it get’s the newest MWI information, but then doesn’t renew itself.
In the “outgoing subscription”-Tab of my phone it say’s “Retry in xxx” for the message summary of the two mailboxes, so it seems like it can’t get the data.
Any ideas?

I’m not using the commercial endpoint manager, but if I remember correctly this module has updated itself automatically and shortly after that the problems occured. Can be a coincidence, but worth noting. But I’m not entirely shure about it. Should I try removing the Endpoint Manager and Phone Apps module (I’m haven’t bought them so it shouldn’t matter anyways, right?)

changed [email protected] to [email protected] and the other way around
tried solicited as well as unsolicited

Results of core show hints:

This morning it suddenly started working again!

Impressive! I’m going to try it out again later.

Tried it out, still not working. I have to reregister the account on my phone to fetch new MWI-Information.


I have Yealink phones that have this issue. Funny enough if from the server side i issue “fwconsole phoneapps blf (Extension#)” it works again.

Just something with phone apps and PJSIP. Don’t get me started on voicemail playing on a different phone then the phone that pressed play voicemail.

Issue still exists. Did some further testing. The phone eventually receives the MWI updates, but only after a long, long time. Haven’t measured it, but this morning it were exactly five minutes, right now over 15 minutes.

Today I had an email from a site that was on Asterisk 15.7.2 with Yealink phones and they said that MWI was not working, and on investigation were having “weird lockups”.

I gave them the info about upgrading to 16 (and fixing FOP2) as well as simply downgrading to 15.5.0.

They chose to downgrade to 15.5.0 and the MWI started working again.

Same exact problem here with a variety of phones in a production system. Downgrade to 15.5.0 worked for me as well.

God thank you, I knew it was something that came with an update. Downgraded to 15.5.0 aswell and everything’s back to norma. Thank you so much!

Issue still present on all my phones. Softphones affected two. Multiple phone vendors.

On 13.22.0-1.sng7 with FreePBX 14 and MWI is broken after updates too.


Things we need to know

Version of asterisk
Voicemail module version
Voicemail.conf posted here

I have a similar problem as this thread:

The Message waiting indicator as well as stutter dial tone are suddenly not working on our Polycom VVX401.

The concern about the fix provided in that thread is that we use the commercial endpoint manager and I’m thinking the MAC.cfg will get overwritten.

Things were working well for years and suddenly this has stopped working. I am not sure of any changes we made that would cause this.

I’d appreciate any help you can give on this please.

Same here, with Snom phones. I noticed today that MWI suddenly doesn’t work. On some extensions it doesn’t light up at all, on others it sometimes does but then doesn’t turn off when the message has been deleted.
It’s a mess. Since I’m seeing many threads about this problem at the moment, I guess some update killed it. Unfortunately, I have my system configured to automatically update everything.

Hmmm, wonder if it was an update. I don’t see any bug reports on it.

I have this same exact problem with a variety of phones running on a production system. I noticed this change when upgrading to asterisk 15.7.2 from 15.5.0. This only became a problem until a system reboot. If this a production system a rollback to 15.5.0 fixed the issue. I hope the asterisk team is working a patch for this.

Odd. I moved to 16, I wonder if that’s why it started working again. I didn’t think that asterisk would impact the MLI.