Loopback trunks

we have 10 properties that run through our PBX. Each connects as an extension and then dials out its own trunk. My question is how would I configure a loopback trunk and outbound route so that each property can still dial out using the outbound trunks rules we currently have in place but also if they dial one of our other DID’s it will route to a local extension. I am lost in trying to figure out how to do this with just one loop back trunk and route.

Basically, you can’t. You could try with misc destinations, my first guess.

I understand that part. What I am not understanding is how I will make that work with my setup. 10 trunks 10 outbound routes and 10 inbound routes. I am confused I guess on if I create this loopback trunk and route then do all the trunks use this same outbound route? There are different DID’s for each trunk/route that I have now. I need to make sure that if they do dial an outside number that it passes that DID as the outbound CID.

First, FreePBX is really hard to do with multi-tenant. This is one of the places where what you want to do is really, really hard.

I’m pretty sure your configuration has boxed you into a corner where you are going to have to set up nine outbound routes for each of your phones to keep them from dialing the DID of the phone and redirect them locally.

What do you mean by boxed myself in a corner? Is it because I am using different DID’s at each location? If so than I dont know what else to do there. all of our properties have to have different DID’s.

I haven’t used this script in years, I assume it still works:

Yup. That’s exactly your problem.

The other solution is to give each extension the list of extension numbers for the other properties and let them call within the PBX.

There has to be another way to do this. The end goal is that each of my extensions have their own DID and trunk. This is for breaking out billing from our provider. I could give out extension lists however no one will ever use them anyway. Most of our properties are hotels that will have a DID that needs to be able to route to them and use as their outbound CID.

Try to get Lorne’s script to work. It might be what you need.

do you have an example of how exactly to use and configure this script?

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