Trying to create a "loopback trunk" but can't find "custom dial string"

I am trying to create a loopback trunk so that I can route calls to my DID’s back into my PBX.

In this forum people give directions to add a custom dial string of “local/${OUTNUM}@from-trunk

I can’t seem to find the “custom dial string” field on the trunk setup screen.

I am using FreePBX verion 6.12.65-28. Did this field get renamed in this version? If so can someone tell me what the new field is called?

Connectivity, Trunks, Add a Custom Trunk. There is a field marked: Custom Dial String. Read the tooltip for that field, you don’t use ${OUTNUM} you use $OUTNUM$.

Thank you Igaetz! I was adding a SIP trunk instead of a Custom Trunk. I have the trunk added. Now I just need to work on my routes.

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