IVR option different depending on language

I have a multi language IVR. First is a language selection that switches languages and goes to the main IVR. That works. In the main IVR all the options are the same. But, and there’s always a but, one of the option is for customer service. That goes to a queue. Is there a way to send to a different queue depending on selected language? i.e. I press 2, if the language is English it goes to Queue 1, if the language is Spanish it goes to queue 2? Or do I need a separate IVR for each language?

Separate IVR’s is not hard. Open the main IVR, click Duplicate, rename the copy and change option 2.

Or, a Custom Destination with two lines of hand written code can handle the fork.

Or, the Dynamic Routes module should let you do it in the GUI. See

You can use the Dynamic Route module to branch the call flow based on the Asterisk channel variable ${CHANNEL(language)}

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