IVR option different depending on language

(Asher Adam) #1

I have a multi language IVR. First is a language selection that switches languages and goes to the main IVR. That works. In the main IVR all the options are the same. But, and there’s always a but, one of the option is for customer service. That goes to a queue. Is there a way to send to a different queue depending on selected language? i.e. I press 2, if the language is English it goes to Queue 1, if the language is Spanish it goes to queue 2? Or do I need a separate IVR for each language?


Separate IVR’s is not hard. Open the main IVR, click Duplicate, rename the copy and change option 2.

Or, a Custom Destination with two lines of hand written code can handle the fork.

Or, the Dynamic Routes module should let you do it in the GUI. See

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

You can use the Dynamic Route module to branch the call flow based on the Asterisk channel variable ${CHANNEL(language)}