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I setup a freepbx with ivr’s using 2 languages: french and english. Most options refer to ring group. I would like to be able to select a ring group by language or extension by language (ex: I would like if the user is in french, he will be transfered to ring group 209 and if it’s english, it will be transfered to group 219 OR it may also be: if it’s in french, ringroup 209 will ring only extension 301 and 302… if it’s english ringgroup 209 will ring only on extesion 302 and 303.)

I’ll guess I will have to had a condition in extensions_additional.conf before the transfer to ring group but I can’t figure out what I’m suposed to do.

The playback of audio files is controlled by the language context of the channel by setting the “Language code” in the GUI, you can similarly route calls by ${CHANNEL(language)} on a channel, if you want to do it by incoming call , then perhaps by the CID , i.e. France is +33 , so look at the CID and then Set(CHANNEL(language)=fr), This would work in France, if just a francophone country like Belgium or Canada , you will have to use another method to derive the preferred LANGUAGE, use DumpChan() to see what you have to work with.

Hi Dicko,

I think I maybe wasn’t clear enough… In the IVR, the user have the choice of the language at the begining. I set all IVR bilingual (same ivr, system recording change by language selection).

For the menu option, ex: press 1 for customer service, I tranfert to a ring group 209.

I would like to have something like that:
exten => 8,1(ivrsel-8),

Forking call flow based on the value of a channel variable can be done with the 3rd party module, dynamic routes.

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Maybe in the future (or even now) then language detection might be part of your PBX :wink:

Amazon, IBM and Micro$oft have competing offerings
Don’t ask for a keypress, just ask what the caller wants to do . . . . (babel fish is close if you understand why you need to send the caller to extension 42)

Look interesting, I’m not sure to see how to add those kind of third party module to freepbx

Nevermind, I figure it out ! thank for the cue

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I installed the module but still not sure for the configuration.

I set a Dynamic Route Lookup Source - Source type - Asterisk variable

Asterisk variable - language

Match are on “en” and “fr”

I set a default destination

It seems that it’ always refer to the default destination

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