Issue Tracker on the support board not working

I am trying to create a ticket on the support board. None of my commercial modules are listed in the drop-down, although all my license numbers are listed. For this reason, I am unable to submit a support ticket. How do I submit support tickets or get my modules to show up?

My issue is with Endpoint Manager. None of the new grandstream phones are showing up. I am trying to get the GXP1628 phones configured, but no 1628 buttons on the template. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling EPM, but they still don’t show up. Tried creating a new template as well, not there. It is working fine on my other systems, it’s just this one.

You can only open tickets for moduels that are covered under maintenance contact. Their is a yearly fee per module for this.

I have a 25 year license. Where do I sign up for maintenance, and when did this new policy take effect?

Yes the software license is 25 years but you get support and upgrades for the first year included and after that you have to renew maint on the modules.

That has always been the case but only last year did it stop you from upgrading modules without the maint contract.

You can renew the maint from inside FreePBX module admin or in the portal under the reports tab.

I must be confused. My Endpoint Manager shows “up to date” with version so the issue does not appear to be that I have the latest version.

When I log into the portal I see I can do Module Renewal By Deployment. Is this what I need to get support? That is not clear, at least to me. Is that what you mean by “renew maint”.

I did report issues with this installation in the past and found support to be unhelpful. What level of support should I expect? Issue through to resolution? With support requests within the first year I was referred to paid by the hour support even though I was still within the first year.

Ok well version 2.11 has no support you need to upgrade to 12 or 13. FreePBX 2.11 is receiving no updates and that is why you can not find support for newer phones in EPM. You need to upgrade the core of FreePBX to 13.

Ok! Thanks. That explains it.

From a user’s perspective it would be helpful to have a message when one checks for updates such as “No longer supported - upgrade core to xx”, or to have something in the description or change log about “End of life” with a link to more info.

Thanks again for getting back to me.

yes i agree and this is shown in FreePBX 12 and newer but we have no ability to show this in FreePBX 2.11 which is not getting any upgrades of anytime and it would take some serious code to do what we are doing in 12 and 13