Is the freepbx wiki down?

I was going to look up some documentation but it’s prompting me for a login and password.

I did try my sangoma/ login/pass and they don’t work.

Yeah, I’m getting prompted to and none of the Sangoma/FreePBX logins work. I can access the Sangoma portal, forums and the issue tracker with the login but nothing accepts my password for the wiki.

Can’t reach any part of the wiki without being prompted for a login that doesn’t work. Can’t even get a reset sent claiming no email is setup, which is wrong.

Here is where Sangoma publishes outages:
Sangoma Status

Confirmed, there are issues with the wiki at present. It’s being investigated.

is throwing 403 Forbidden error

Wiki content has moved to

The Sangoma help site seems to completely lack a hierarchy, which is a big downgrade from the wiki.

At least the new site still has a navigable left hand table of contents.

I didn’t know there was something worse than Confluence but here it is :laughing:

edit: oh I see, it’s Salesforce. booo!

Could we have one last hour with to spider and mirror it, please?

An example from a section of the wiki I used and liked very much:

The formatting is mostly gone and the links are pointing to a login-required salesforce instance.


And some existing articles are still linking to other articles on, which obviously doesn’t work anymore.

It seems if you do a search and click on the search result the actual page loads. But if you try to click on a link within a page it seems 50/50 on if you get sent to the right page or the salesforce login.

Any link to is not redirecting. :frowning:

Worse than that: some articles I was monitoring are in an older version than the ones in the wiki. It seems that the moved version is earlier than september '23.

lacks three (!) firmware updates, the older from first days of september 23.

The most popular link shared on the forums is now broken:

The new article does not have anchors to link to a section.

Additionally, the new FreePBX 17 documentation is gone:

This really isn’t a wisecrack but perhaps the FreePBX team should talk with the Asterisk team about how they did their migrations. Because their wiki move was not like this and there’s still the issue tracker and bitbucket stuff to move. Let’s try to make those parts a bit smoother.

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Wayback FTW:

(That said, the specific UFW note at the bottom of that “wayback” link kind of defeats most of the point IMO: # ufw allow proto tcp from any to any port 80,443)

You can anchor to any of the headers in the article

Business people shouldn’t make engineering decisions and often the same is true in the other direction. This is just another nail in the coffin for FreePBX as a brand. Shame on them.


@lgaetz is there anything Sangoma can do to systematically update the previous posts, so we don’t lose the important knowledge captured in our previous posts?


Not just the wiki, if you try to access it redirects you to github.
Has the entire repository system been removed?

Reading material:

Sangoma Completing the Open Source Move to GitHub | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

Thanks for the info @comtech