Is the freepbx wiki down?

If I am seeing correctly it looks like they are NOT mirroring over modules. It seems whomever pulled the latest from git does a PR over on GitHub with whatever changes they made and GitHub basically gets brought up to date. They have only done this with framework so hopefully they have a better solution.

If you are working on a module and your code is newer than GitHub I would just Say do a PR with your changes and the code you have pulled

git remote set-url <remote> <new_url>

That said Josh also eluded to them setting up CLA bot so you may need to wait for that before opening a PR on GitHub

Things are not yet ready, I’m sure once done a post will occur.

Any news ?

Tons of KB , modules howtos etc.etc. are no more available…

So far, there is still a lot of information missing on the new site.

While the wiki team is working on all of the new wiki the temporary wiki home still has all of the former information. What is lacking is former table of contents tree. They are working on this daily.

Search is your friend; the search box in the upper right corner. Use it.

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