The FreePBX wiki has moved

All wiki content is available now via searching at

Read more about the move in this blog:

We have a plan for the permanent home of the wiki content. For right now, content will remain at, but we’re working on restoring content to a new instance of Confluence.

Work has already started, but there’s a lot to it, so a bit of patience is required while we step thru the process. I’ll make announcements here as it becomes available.


Most of the raw FreePBX/PBXact content formerly hosted at has been moved to its new forever home at:

We are aware there is much maintenance work yet to do, there are still links throughout the wiki content that link to nonexistent domains and The priority now is to get the content moved and once that’s done prioritize the cleanup.

There were many other spaces at the old site hosting content for other Sangoma projects, that content migration is still in progress.

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Quick update on the status of the wiki migration to

There is still much of the old wiki content that hasn’t been touched, but a lot of the content of interest to the FreePBX community is available now:

FreePBX/PBXact GUI Information (still in progress)

FreePBX Open Source Project

PBX Platforms

OSS Community Contributed Docs

Sangoma Desk Phones

Sangoma SoftPhones

Support Services

Unfortunately, there is much of the process that is manual, so even though most of the text content has been moved, there are still lots more work to clean up the broken links and missing images.