Is manual backup or restore possible?

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In a follow up to a client’s dead Phone System 40, I am hoping that I can just swap the SSD with a new unit and boot up to at least make a backup and then restore to the new SSD. Unfortunately, I don’t have a system backup worth using.

So I am wondering… is pulling config and other database info possible from just mounting the SSD on another system? What folders/files are of interest if I were to attempt this?

I am not sure this info is required yet but I am looking to learn the process for reference.


Perhaps it is simple as just booting from that transplanted ssd. File systems might need repairing if not completely fried when the PSU died, there are ‘rescue disks’ available if needed.

It should after all be a bootable system. and a manual restore although likely possible, needs lots of knowledge of the nuts and bolts needed as to how to put humpty-dumpty together again.

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