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I’ve got a freepbx FreePBX and i’ve got a troubles with local calendar.

l was waiting resolve of the problem in latest versions, but nothing has changed.

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Did you upgrade to Calendar 14.0.2? Check your module version and if it’s not resolved, there may be a perception or requirements misunderstanding.

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So, in the original thread there were several problems. Which of them still exists?

(Eugene) #5
  1. When i set a worktime for my office and choose reoccurring monday to friday, i’m getting just tuesday to friday.
  2. When i try to change or delete some event, other different event is dissapearing (randomly or even all together)

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(Eugene) #7
  1. If I’m setting a reoccurring event during all the year, i can’t change or delete it, because all events are changing or deleating simultaneous.

(Itzik) #8

I’m currently running edge version with no issues

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i’ve got three different versions of a freepbx and the same issue on each of them

(Itzik) #10

Talking about the calendar module

(Eugene) #11

there are two versions of the calendar module 14.02.4 and 14.02.16

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i ’ ve tried google calendar and local

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What the other tools can i use to manage work time of my callcenter during holiday? (workday: 8.00-18.00, the day before holidays 8.00-17.00, sometimes during a holiday 9.00-16.00 ) I can change time conditions manually, but i want to do it automatically.I can’t create the calendar for the year , because i haven’t got the list of holidays.

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Have anybody got the same issue?

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