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Just trying to get started using these freepbx 14 calendars. I really like that I can set up schedules for the whole year and use them for call logic. I want even more functionality, though. I would like to be able to route based on the event in the calendar, not just whether or not there is an event. So, for example, set up an alternating schedule for being ‘on call.’ You could have all your events in the same calendar and just route to it. Or direct a holiday calendar to play a christmas message if it’s christmas, or a independence day message if it’s that holiday., etc.

Anyway, problem is making events with the local driver. I create a calendar event with the following arguments:
Start Date: 1/19 (Friday)
End Date: 1/25 (Thursday)
All day
Repeats: Weekly
Repeat Every: 2 Weeks
Repeat On: Fri (or nothing, doesn’t seem to help to change this)
Ends: Never

But for some reason the event is completely changing days, length, and entirely when it will happen. After clicking ‘submit’ on that one, I have the event scheduled for 1/25, 1/26, 1/29, 2/2, 2/5, 2/9, etc. These are all individual occurrences of the event, they’re not one week long as I’d expect them to be, recurring every 2 weeks, as I want them to be.

The wiki article doesn’t provide a lot of insight as to why this is happening. Can you?

Seems to be working fine here

Alright, I concede, I did not try this on multiple systems. I tried on my lab machine and it works exactly as expected.

So something is wrong with my system as it relates to the calendar module, at least. Tried in a different browser with no change.

This is a system that was upgraded from 10.13.66-23 not too long ago.

I use the same input as you (only with ‘event’ and no description), and my calendar looks like this. February is just every other week on Friday, one day.

btw if I go back into one of the events, the contents (dates) have changed:

Compare the versions of the calendar module between your two systems. I’m working on a development system so I have the newest which is

On the one system, I have On the other system, I have the same thing.

So here’s the thing. I adjusted the event slightly, so that it would end on Friday instead of Thursday (so Friday-Friday). When I did this, the calendar completely changed, into something that looked like my most recent calendar image. So I deleted that event, and created a new one with the original parameters, and now its happening again on my test system.

I get varying results, from the image above, to one with only Fridays and not that first Thursday thrown in.

I figured out how to work around my issue, and why it worked on my test system and not the system I was working on. It has to do with performing an edit to your scheduled event. If you create an event on a fresh calendar, it works perfectly. If you try to edit the event, it goes haywire, and somehow “corrupts” the entire calendar so you can’t create new events as you expect them, either.

To work around, I deleted my calendars, then created the events the first time exactly as I wanted them without making any edits, and they’re now working properly. It worked this way on both of my systems.

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So this appears to be a javascript issue. As if I create the event, then edit and it gets destroyed. Then I delete that event. I can then refresh the page and add the event again and it’s correct. I don’t have to go and re-create the entire calendar.

This is fixed in Calendar v14.0.2

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