How to set up Telnyx Caller ID for inbound calls on FreePBX?

Basically the title says it all. Made an account with Telnyx for their Caller ID service. I would like it to work within FreePBX for all of my inbound calls. Can anyone give some advice or information on how to do it?

I have attempted to look over their guides, but there is nothing there for FreePBX. Reached out to support and they said this:

Ah, I see. Unfortunately we’re not familiar with PBXs past the initial configuration interop.

Ideally we the community would benefit the most from a new module for Caller ID Superfecta that uses the Telnyx API:

The Superfecta modules are in /var/www/html/admin/modules/superfecta/sources/
and it would not be an overly difficult process to edit one of the existing modules to suit. If you want to share an API key with me via PM, I will give you a push in the right direction when time permits.

Seems like this is a continuation of Inbound CallerID giving location, but not names?

Were any of the open PR’s checked?

Sigh. No. And here it is:

Contributed by random drive-by, but no CLA (or at least no CLA we can locate) so no merge.

Reading that issue I note a couple things.

  1. He claimed to have signed, but Kapil says not. I know from recent personal experience that happens still today.
  2. He updated the issue to note that his original PR 11 was moved to PR 320 which as submitted by some guy named @tm1000. I would think this qualifies to get merged.

I think I know the contributor. I will send him a message.

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@lgaetz to the rescue!


New CLA is in the works, thanks @PitzKey

Unfortunately, the code is based on ver. 1.0 of the Telnyx API which does not appear to work in my very limited testing.

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What code? The original or PR 320?

Pretty sure they are the same:

Current edge version of Superfeta has @yois’s Telnyx module. Versions 14.0.29, and 16.0.7

Is 16 up for beta yet?

No, we’re a few months away from a beta at this point.

Such a tease.


I have been using yois’s Telnyx module unmodified on FreePBX 14 since 11/2020. It works fine using API v1. What I could never get to work with curl was API v2: returned CNAM was always blank. Yes, I got API v1 to work with curl.

Does the same token work for both?

No. You need a v1 token for the v1 API and a v2 key for the v2 API.

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