Inbound CallerID giving location, but not names?

Hello. I am having some issues with inbound callerID and I am hoping someone can help me. I followed the instructions here:

And it seems to be working! kind of. When I test inbound calls, I am only getting the location of the call, not the name of the business or person calling. Any idea how to fix this?

For a side note, I made a few changes to the instructions. Specifically this part:

$AsteriDex = ‘0’ ;
$WhoCalled = ‘0’ ;
$PhoneSpamFilter = ‘0’ ;
$Google = ‘0’ ;
$Addresses = ‘1’ ;
$WhitePagesCAD = ‘1’;
$YellowPages = ‘1’ ;
$AnyWho = ‘1’ ;
$Telcodata = ‘1’ ;

I set Addresses to 0 thinking this would solve my issue

That article is more than a decade old, as is most (all?) of the content on that site. You would be wise to revert whatever changes you made and just use the Caller ID Superfecta module in the FreePBX GUI.

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So, I followed a number of guides, and this was actually the only one I could get working in any way that didnt return “Unknown” or “BadRequest…Goodbye” Do you have any links to a guide I could follow and try that?

No one is going to giv you updated caller id information for free.

Pay your provider for Caller ID or pay a service like OpenCNAM.

Personally, I prefer OpenCNAM because I can choose to cahce the CID infor in FreePBX and not pay for alookup on every call if I so choose.

Unlike when you provider is sending CID. they charge you on every call.

I could have sworn superfecta is advertised as a free, open source caller id system? So???

regardless, I did sign up for CallerIDService.Com and followed their instructions, but sadly I ran into the same issue when following their config guide. Also OpenCNAM got bought out by a new company, and is not allowing for new clients, I tried. Soooooo

The software is free but caller ID databases are not :slight_smile:

I agree about opencnam.

Ohhhh, okay. That makes sense. thank you. So, this question has kind of updated a bit. But does anyone know how to get to work on FreePBX? I reached out to their support, but clearly they are a lot slower to reply.

… if you already have an account. Now that they are part of Neustar it looks like there’s no way to sign up.

When did that happen? I swear I jsut helped someone sign up in December.

Edit: Looks like December 1.


a redditor said he opened a ticket on an existing account and had a new account created. but this does not look good.

Are there any other quality CID services like this out there? I hate using carrier CID. Not being able to cache CID information is a huge waste of money over time for many people.

Telnyx is $0.003 (same as opencnam) and has a web api. You don’t have to receive SIP service from them to subscribe to it.


Pretty much the same cost as various carriers. But it is just silly to pay for it on every call.

+1 on Telnyx, for trunking and for data services.

You don’t. You do lookups via API as needed.

I was not referring to the Telnyx service.

That was in reference to getting your CID from your trunk provider along with the call itself.

Do you have any guides or links for how to set them up for just caller ID in freepbx?

No, but they have good documentation that you could use to set up a caller ID source in the Superfecta module.

Darn. I was reading that guide and trying to understand it, but I am lost. Hopefully their support can get back to me and explain it like I am 5

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