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I noticed on github there is a lot of pull request and many are not responded to. I believe there was a policy change to submit PR’s through the official bitbucket. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a like
to let people know they need to come to bitbucket, create/reference a ticket, sign a cla etc.

I am sure there is automation that could also decline the PR automatically and provide the same info.

Note in the devtools I wrote automation to add README files to each module so that is probably easily adapted.

in hindsight I would have used an external template file.


Agree on both points - particularly an auto-decline with an appropriate, friendly message to resubmit via jira/bitbucket.

But, I’d be curious how many of the PRs have not already found their way to bitbicket.

This is the problem if they don’t reference a ticket, it’s hard to say. In some cases others may have experienced the issue, files a ticket and it was resolved internally. I know superfecta has 15 open PRs it is unlikely those were internally solved if they are new sources.

I just sent a user to github for a module that had not been merged in another thread.

Yes and it (the Send to MQTT source) would be a great addition to superfecta – I’ll look into the procedure on bitbucket. I have a new module that folks might be interested in.

And on that subject…

Also, search sucks on bitbucket. I had to use github to find what I was looking for when I wanted to make the PR I recently submitted for logrotate in core.

That or download everything locally, and then search.

Yeah that has been one downfall of bitbucket. I have essentially always used github or grep for search. Unfortunately github only searches the master branch. Search has been the main perk of the github mirror

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