Hotelwakeup issue

Referencing post: Wake up Call

I am having the exact same issue as the OP on the above referenced ticket. My problem is that they extension that needs to be able to set the wakeup call is extension 100. I cannot figure out how to change the extension without “breaking” the wakup functionality.

If I uninstall, apply and reinstall it works fine from GUI again, but settings I made are lost.

Can someone smarter than me look into why this is breaking when you customize just the extension?

I dont mind manually setting it but I have no idea where to set this. I dug through the code a little bit but became obvious very quickly it was over my head.

Freepbx 16.0.26
hotelwakeup 16.0.4


A new version is coming soon fixing this issue.
It looks the issue comes from when a system has been migrated from 15.

It looks there is a new version from EDGE repo.
Please : fwconsole ma downloadinstall hotelwakeup --edge

Thanks for the reply.

This was a new box that I installed, I was not aware of a 15->16 upgrade. Maybe it came with 15 stock and I inadvertently upgraded, but anyway.

I tried installing the edge version using the line you pasted, but it did not seem to do anything. It appears to have reinstalled version 16.0.4. Problem persists.


It’s available now from edge:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall hotelwakeup --tag 16.0.5

I just uninstalled, removed, applied and then installed version 16.0.5 per your post, and applied.

Just like in 16.0.4, I was able to create an entry from the Applications menu. I then went into settings and configured extension 100 and after that got the error:

Undefined index: application

So I guess this didn’t resolve the issue, for me at least :frowning_face:


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