Google Motif crashing FreePBX

I’ve reinstalled a fresh FreePBX latest version four times now and still have the same issue with the Motif.

What I did was install > update > one extension > Motif details then looked at it via the edit pen to check if was connected and bang crash no go. From then onward ‘Can not connect to asterisk’ after a hard reboot.

I put my google voice phone number and password into motif not tried the oauth method because I’m not sure how to do that !.


Note: Google made changes to Google Voice, so the Motif module won’t get you connected.

To solve the asterisk crash, uninstall the motif module, go to /etc/asterisk and delete:

run fwconsole reload and asterisk should start working.

If you want, you can re-install the module after that, but I doubt you’ll be able to get GV working.

There’s an active discussion here how to make GV work with FreePBX on Ubuntu.

Ah! , Many thanks for that - I google’d but nothing really turned up recen. That’s annoying my GV expires in four weeks - cough-cough I’m the UK … so have no other method of using GV to keep it activated…


You can use an OBI device, or follow this guide: How-To Guide for Google Voice with Freepbx 14 & asterisk gvsip, Ubuntu 18.04

Maybe the motif module should be removed from the repository, since it is no longer usable?

That might save some confusion, for people that do not yet know about the changes to google voice.


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