FreePBX in RockyLinux and Debian 12 without Firewall GUI

Hi, I installed FreePBX16 on RockyLinux 88/9 and FreePBX17 on Debian12, I must say that in Debian with the same hardware the FreePBX modules and reload run much faster but in both operating systems the iptables firewall GUI administrator does not work so I have had to create the firewall rules through the ssh console, the question is, does anyone know a Web gui for iptables or if the FreePBX development team will make the current firewall manager compatible for Debian and Rockylinux?

Those modules are commercial modules and for 16 you would need to install the official ISO distro to get that functionality.

Plan for 17 is to port all commercial modules so that they can be used on Debian, including the firewall module.

The firewall module is not obfuscated and not commercial as far as I know.

AFAIK, the module itself is OSS, however it has some dependencies or some portions of it is controlled by SysAdmin which is closed source.

I didn’t want to mention that because it is a big pet peeve of mine. Just one of the reasons I don’t consider FreePBX a truly open source project anymore.

within my debian12 mini-iso there is no incron. It seems to be deprecated from debian11 on. I re-installed incron manually, because otherwise sysadmin is missing and fwconsole ma install sysadmin complains because of missing incron file.
Next: sysadmin install complains for ionCube loader php, which is also not available.
Problem is: No sysadmin → no firewall

apt install incron
It is definitely in the debian 12 online repository.

For the commercial modules, and assuming this is FreePBX 17, just look at their FreePBX 17 install script for how to install ioncube and sysadmin deb packages manually.

I installed FreePBX 16 and 17 manually in RockyLinux and Debian, following the instructions of the development team. I come from FreePBX from Xorcom and Elastix which stayed at version 2.11 but the security of the Firewall is very good especially that it is integrated with Fail2Ban, I like the GUI of this new FreePBX and I will try to adapt or find a firewall to the height, unfortunately security is very important and we must have 2 fronts, the hardware firewall and then the Asterisk linux firewall.

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