Firewall linked to sysadmin module

Any chance the firewall module can be unlinked from sysadmin module, like it was before some changes that were made not too long ago that linked them. It’s causing me lots of grief for a variety of reasons. Some of it technical some of it work flow.

I don’t think so. @yois and @jerrm have spoken at length in previous posts about this.

Not possible. The FreePBX Firewall has always required sysadmin as a dependency since day 1.

It has required sysadmin from day 0

It did not always complain that firewall module needs to be installed and enabled in order for fail2ban to start when you do fwconsole start. Fail2ban is linked to sysadmin, so I presume this is due to some new dependency between the 2 modules that was not there before.

You’re correct, I misunderstood initially. Intrusion detection does require the Firewall module.

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