Firewall without SysAdmin

Has anyone in the community done any work toward decoupling the open-source Firewall module from SysAdmin?

What dependencies are you looking at? I vaguely recall there was a dependency issue a few months ago, but I don’t remember the details. Also, IIRC, there’s a “free” sysadmin and a “paid” version of the same thing. If there isn’t, that might be a good idea too.

The firewall module won’t install without sysadmin being installed. It requires “/usr/lib/sysadmin/includes.php” and references FreePBX::Sysadmin static methods and bundled scripts. So there’s definitely a “dependency issue” if you want to call it that. :slight_smile:

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SysAdmin is commercially licensed. But if you do not purchase it, you get basic functionality as long as the FreePBX install is registered with Sangoma.

A catch-22 there if you can’t install sysadmin :wink: