FreePBX 15 to 16 Upgrade > Hung During Upgrade, now PHP errors

I attempted to upgrade from FreePBX 15 to FreePBX 16 using the GUI 15 to 16 Upgrade Tool. I logged into the CLI and followed the upgrade log. The process hung on installing “freepbx16”, with the last log message “Running transaction”, similar to this post: Upgrade 15 > 16 - Stuck Upgrading Transaction

After letting it sit in this condition for more than an hour, with almost not apparent system activity (per htop), I started to poke around. Eventually, I attempted a YUM upgrade, which ended up installing freepbx16. The Admin GUI is partially back, but now I receive various errors, I believe due to PHP now being on version 7.4.

The first error was “In RedisCache.php line 135: Function Redis::delete() is deprecated” Cant install FreePBX because of deprecation notice. I edited this line in the RedisCache.php file from “delete” to “del”, which removed that particular error, but I am still getting errors for “implode(): Passing glue string after array is deprecated. Swap the parameters”, and another about curly braces, similar to this: Freepbx Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated. Also, I note that the system doesn’t recognize that it is a FreePBX distro anymore.

Any thoughts on how to get back to a working system?

Also, I’m not entirely sure which repos should be enabled. This is my list:

repo id repo name status
centos-base-source/7 CentOS-7 - Base Sources disabled
centos-centosplus-source/7 CentOS-7 - Plus Sources disabled
centos-extras-source/7 CentOS-7 - Extras Sources disabled
centos-updates-source/7 CentOS-7 - Updates Sources disabled
fasttrack/7/x86_64 Sangoma-7 - fasttrack disabled
sng-base/7/x86_64 Sangoma-7 - Base enabled: 10,070
sng-commercial/7/x86_64 Sangoma-7 - Commercial Modules disabled
sng-cr/7/x86_64 Sangoma-7 - cr disabled
sng-epel/7/x86_64 Sangoma-7 - Sangoma Epel mirror enabled: 15,649
sng-extras/7/x86_64 Sangoma-7 - Extras enabled: 413
sng-pkgs/7/x86_64 Sangoma-7 - Sangoma Open Source Packages enabled: 1,968+16
sng-sng7php74/7/x86_64 Sangoma-7 - Sangoma REMI PHP74 mirror enabled: 69
sng-updates/7/x86_64 Sangoma-7 - Updates enabled: 1,127
sng7-media Sangoma-7 - Media disabled
src-sng SRPMs for Sanoma specific packages disabled
src-sng-epel SRPMs for Epel Packages disabled
src-sng-os SRPMs for Sanoma OS disabled
src-sng-updates SRPMs for Sanoma Updates disabled

Sadly I haven’t had time to figure out what’s wrong with that system. I just restored the machine back to a working state until I have more time to throw at it. I’ll definitely report back if I get it working.

Reporting here that I also ended up abandoning my old install, and took the opportunity to virtualize it. Next time I will be able to take a snapshot before starting the process, which will be quite helpful; this isn’t the first time I have had significant issues when upgrading FreePBX to the next major version.

I think I’m going to have to go the same route. I’m giving the upgrade another go this weekend and will leave it at the “Running Transaction” stage overnight to see if it can get through it.

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