Cant install FreePBX because of deprecation notice


Hi, im currently in the installation of freepbx again.
In this case after the first few steps i got this error message from the ./install -n command:

In RedisCache.php line 135: Function Redis::delete() is deprecated


In Process.php line 239: The command "/usr/sbin/fwconsole ma install framework" failed. Exit Code: 255(Unknown error).

If i only execute fwconsole ma install framework i get the deprecation notice error from above.
I’m using this guide:,+PHP+7.3

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Change delete() to del() to see if that works. Also submit a bug report.


Idk where the RedisCache.php file is even located.

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This bug report actually outlines how to fix it.


Now i only have the problem i cant execute the ./install -n command because it copys the default file again.

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This is after you tar zxvf freepbx-15.0-latest.tgz

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