FreePBX 15 is Released!

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Yeah @lgaetz is right - the module is definitely not for updating PBXAct right now as PBXAct 15 has not been officially released yet.


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small typo there too…

Git cleanup
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If your spell checker doesn’t recognize that word, it may require upgradation.


This isn’t PBXact or hosting, it’s started with 13.0 distro, scripts to update and the 13 -> 14 upgrade tool.


(Lorne Gaetz) #88

That being the case, please open a bug ticket at It appears the upgrade module thinks there is licensing in place that is not supported yet.

(Kapil Gupta) #89

Hi All

Reported issue i.e. has been fixed and latest versionupgrade edge module is available. Please give try with latest edge release of version upgrade as mentioned in

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Respect guys ! You are champions :slight_smile:

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