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Noob here,

How can i upgrade from FreePBX V12 to V15, I want everything to transfer over like all settings, IVR, Extensions ECT. Please help! @mattf @mbrooks

FreePBX 15 is Released!
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I’ve split your post off into a new topic. You may have the option of upgrading in place, but the system is far enough behind now for it to be a major job to upgrade the OS twice. The lowest impact would be to restore a backup from the 12 system on a new system running 15. FreePBX 15 is the first version that allows restore from legacy version backups.

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Thank you so much for the quick reply. I have done the backup its a .Tar file and still nothing. on a fresh install on V15 the Restore stays on 100% and doesn’t do anything else.

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Please try uploading the Legacy backup from a different browser OR you upload the same file to New 15 Server using FTP and run the the command
" fwconsole backup --restore /dir_where_you_uploaded/Legacy_filename "
if you want to restore legacy CDR add the option --restorelegacycdr
" fwconsole backup --restore /dir_where_you_uploaded/Legacy_filename --restorelegacycdr "


I would also recommend putting all the modules in edge mode in the freePBX 15 system before the restore. The easiest way to do this is in the Advances Settings module


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Why? FreePBX 15 is running stable on my test systems without edge modules.


The last time I restored a backup on a freePBX 15 I ran into similar issues restoring a backup from freePBX 13 that were fixed by upgrading some of the modules to edge. This was a couple weeks ago. This may no longer be the case

I have also found freePBX 15 itself to be stable. Once I restored the system, I got off the edge track going forward.

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I tried to do the restore from back up and it just froze on 24%

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File size may be an issue for the upload. That was recently fixed I believe. That may be why edge is required still, at least for the backup module.

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