FreeBPX blog - Asterisk Logfiles module update

Community developer, @vsc55 has contributed some very nice additions to the Asterisk Logfiles module which is published to the edge repo now. He’s also penned a blog entry so you can read about the new features here:


Congratulation VSC55

With these changes, it’s quite easy to isolate a single call trace from the Asterisk full log(s). Ordinarily I would use the command line and multiple greps to debug a call trace, but it’s probably easier to do it now directly in the GUI.

Example outbound call in CDR:

You can use Asterisk Logfiles module to filter for the uniqueid in the system column:

Isolate the value in the second pair of brackets and filter for that:

And you can further refine the search with the highlight field, if you’re looking for something specific in the call trace like ‘callerid’

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Hi everyone.

If anyone has a problem with the display after installation.

For example on FireFox, press on CTRL + F5

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