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I have a newish freepbx 15 installed. All of a sudden when I goto the Asterisk Log Files it seems to jump around on the screen but never load any data. As you can see the search bar is moving down the screen

I tried to reboot the server but that didn’t help anything. When I try to goto the log from a different computer it doesn’t jump around(like its trying to reload the page) but instead just gives me a blank log

It used to work and then all of a sudden blank.PLease help

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I bet this is the same bug which has impacted all my FreePBX servers. They updated themselves last weekend and stopped logging immediately afterward. The /var/log/asterisk/full log file is not being populated. It appears the update turned off all logging.

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It was the upgrade yes… It was not this visual issue that thise thread is discussing.

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This issue has been fixed.
Just wait and check the next versions. :wink:

see this page: Bug in Asterisk Logfiles Module ver 15.0.4

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