Feature request: Customize FreePBX UI and make themes

Hey, just wanted to put out a feature request: FreePBX UI themes and customizations, I just think it’d be cool is all

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Advanced Settings gives you many options for this.

I also mean like making it easier on your eyes, like changing the background to black XP

dark mode would be cool

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But not as cool as it would be for ClearlyAnywhere … :wink:

GroundWire has it… (ooh) :smiley:

I wish you guys would stop fiddling with the Form and provide some sorely needed Substance.

Who are you replying to, @Stewart1?

Excuse me whaaaaaat?

Sorry, I had assumed that this thread was essentially a continuation of

No, this wasn’t, sorry… I don’t even know what Edge mode is… Link to the intro of edge mode?



Learned some new things, cool!

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