Interface went green - version higher than I'm expecting - not edge

Hello All,

In experiencing some issues today, I signed onto this PBX and everything was green interface.
I’m not in edge mode, and I noticed one system is on ver:
I tried to see if maybe it was the next interface buy upgrading other systems, but they remain on with no updates needed.

Did this possibly go to edge, and if so, while it says it’s not, how do I get it back on the regular branch?


I just updated my test VM and the interface went green shaded as well. Pretty sure no edge branch on this VM as have done little with it.

Comparing against another instance, the one w/o the green shading is at and says no modules to update, while the one just updated is at
Basically all the buttons, etc have green shading now.

OK, on this testbed that has gone green, I see advanced settings has ‘set module admin to edge mode’ set to yes (not sure if I did this or is the default on a new install).

Edge is never default, you or someone with access to the system did it.

Yes, I understand, but this system isn’t on edge, is the .76 version rolling out now, and green is the new color scheme?

I kind of want to switch back. :wink:


Yes, new colour scheme is in stable now. Green is the new black.


A switch to change the scheme will be a new request :wink:

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Should I only see this on new deployments or will it start to apply to older deployments as we update things? Also, I didn’t notice it on a 15 server but on 14 one.

I do not show framework *.76 available yet.

[jbusch@pbx ~]$ sudo fwconsole ma listonline | grep "framework\|Module\|GUI settings\|+--"
No repos specified, using: [standard,commercial] from last GUI settings
| Module               | Version    | Status                                       | License     |
| framework            | | Enabled and up to date                       | GPLv2+      |
[jbusch@pbx ~]$ 

Looks like it showed up this morning

@sorvani thats the console, we are referencing the GUI.
Console is controlled by your console software and some via shell preferences.

Yes… I know that.

Hate the new green colour scheme.
How do we change back??

Totally agree, its a bit dull of a color, and hopefully we get an option to change the color scheme.
That I’m aware of it doesn’t exist and while we could probably change some code somewhere in the html I’m sure it would be overwritten on an update.

Embora seja só estética, concordo que está muito feito e realmente espero que tenhamos a opção de alterar novamente o esquema

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