Digium D80 Status Error

Maybe thats the reason…eBay :thinking:…it has no phonebook chip :wink:

Phone book chip? Lol​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Im FTP into my freePBX using FileZilla… I dont see the directory var/etc… there is no etc folder under var… Where can I find the digium phone config files to edit as you suggested above>?

sorry my fault…its /etc/asterisk/digium_phones

EDIT: If you use EPM, the files are in the /tftp folder

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If you use a Windows PC, dont edit the config files using notepad. I dont know if this is still an issue, but in the past, you needed a Linux-compatible editor. You set the texteditor within Filezilla. A free editor for Windows is e.g. the Proton editor.

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Ok, found the dir. /etc/asterisk/digium_phones is empty…nothing in it…Im using Digium Phones module, DPMA is disabled in EPM… Im not using EPM for this D80…Maybe thats why I have no contacts, background image?? cause no phone config file in this dir??

Here is /etc/asterisk/digium_phones


I have the following in /tftp


Well good thing you told me that before I started editing anything. Thanks! Ill have to get Proton Editor

Not ready to give up on this D80 yet.

Weird thing is, I looked at the changelog for the latest Digium Phone Modul v15 update…and it specifically says D80 support and contacts…why its not pulling the config idk…

I am not sure, if you have config files in the etc/asterisk/digium_phones directory, when you dont put them there. I put them there…and edited the res_digium_phone_additional.cfg.

There are better text editors out there. Proton is just a simple editor. The disadvantage is that it is just black&white…no values in color…but it is free.

Do they still update the Digium phones config module? I thought it will be discontinued and replaced by a (hopefully working) EPM version for Sangoma/Digium D phones.

The digium files in your tftp directory look like firmware files. Isnt there any file with the MAC-address of your phone as name?

Nope…so it seems they are somewhere other than the 2 directories you quoted…That /etc/asterisk/digium_phones is empty as you can see in my above screenshot and /tftp is those specific files you see in my above screenshot…thats it…

When you go to admin > config-edit…what does it say, where your file directory is?


It says exact same path as yours…

I am no expert…and I dont know how much time you want to spend…

Yet, if you want to try you could add a xml-config file to /etc/asterisk/digium_phones
A complete example is listed here (copy and insert into a file)

You have to enter your servers address, the extension number and password…the paths to your blf-file, your phonebook-file…

In res_digium_phone_additional.conf (in /etc/asterisk) you have to add the info for one extension (number, name, MAC-config-file),
something like this:


in var/www/html/digium_phones
you add a blf-config file (for the line keys, I posted mine above) and a phonebook-file


Every time you change something in your configs…hit the reconfigure-button in the Digium phones module.

After the first setup a DPMA reload might not hurt either (Admin-Asterisk-CLI)
#>module reload res_digium_phone.so

Just to let you know…I ordered a new Digium/Sangoma D80 today. It will take about 2 weeks, because I get it from China. I will post my results and configurations here in this forum…in case you are still interested :wink:

Nice Ill be interested to hear how it works for you. Post your findings here when you get it! Appreciate the help

Just one last question: What is the version of the Digium phone module you are using?

In the Asterisk Wiki I read this:
“Does the D80 work with Digium’s Digium Phone Add-on for FreePBX?
Yes. Beginning with version of the Digium Phones Add-on for FreePBX (DPAF), contacts and favorites are correctly populated for the D80.”

EDIT: this is weird…in the wiki they write “Digium phones ADD-ON”…the Digium Addons on my freePBX machine are…no update available?! I think they mean the Digium phones config module…

yes, correct…check the version of your Digium phones config module…

EDIT: Forget about it…you already mentioned it in a previous post…sorry :wink: It could be possible that they introduced a new bug in later versions…so you could try to go back to version!

I tried rolling back to and no luck but I guess I could roll back to and give it a shot…

Any updates on your D80? Or you still waiting for it to arrive? I sent mine back. Interested to see what you find…I switched back to my Sangoma S705 till I can get the D80 to allow line keys, programming, address book, etc…

Today it arrived…I just played around using the Digium phones config module and the advanced DPMA method (with xml config file). It does not work! So I can just confirm that there is something wrong with the handling of the status messages (freePBX) of the D80! I updated the DPMA version to 3.6.0, no luck. Just realized the status names are slightly different in the Digium phones config module than they are in the Presence State module. Dont know, if this could be the problem…