Digium D80 Status Error

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Maybe thats the reason…eBay :thinking:…it has no phonebook chip :wink:

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Phone book chip? Lol​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Im FTP into my freePBX using FileZilla… I dont see the directory var/etc… there is no etc folder under var… Where can I find the digium phone config files to edit as you suggested above>?

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sorry my fault…its /etc/asterisk/digium_phones

EDIT: If you use EPM, the files are in the /tftp folder

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If you use a Windows PC, dont edit the config files using notepad. I dont know if this is still an issue, but in the past, you needed a Linux-compatible editor. You set the texteditor within Filezilla. A free editor for Windows is e.g. the Proton editor.

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Ok, found the dir. /etc/asterisk/digium_phones is empty…nothing in it…Im using Digium Phones module, DPMA is disabled in EPM… Im not using EPM for this D80…Maybe thats why I have no contacts, background image?? cause no phone config file in this dir??

Here is /etc/asterisk/digium_phones


I have the following in /tftp


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Well good thing you told me that before I started editing anything. Thanks! Ill have to get Proton Editor

Not ready to give up on this D80 yet.

Weird thing is, I looked at the changelog for the latest Digium Phone Modul v15 update…and it specifically says D80 support and contacts…why its not pulling the config idk…

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I am not sure, if you have config files in the etc/asterisk/digium_phones directory, when you dont put them there. I put them there…and edited the res_digium_phone_additional.cfg.

There are better text editors out there. Proton is just a simple editor. The disadvantage is that it is just black&white…no values in color…but it is free.

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Do they still update the Digium phones config module? I thought it will be discontinued and replaced by a (hopefully working) EPM version for Sangoma/Digium D phones.

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The digium files in your tftp directory look like firmware files. Isnt there any file with the MAC-address of your phone as name?

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Nope…so it seems they are somewhere other than the 2 directories you quoted…That /etc/asterisk/digium_phones is empty as you can see in my above screenshot and /tftp is those specific files you see in my above screenshot…thats it…

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When you go to admin > config-edit…what does it say, where your file directory is?


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It says exact same path as yours…

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I am no expert…and I dont know how much time you want to spend…

Yet, if you want to try you could add a xml-config file to /etc/asterisk/digium_phones
A complete example is listed here (copy and insert into a file)

You have to enter your servers address, the extension number and password…the paths to your blf-file, your phonebook-file…

In res_digium_phone_additional.conf (in /etc/asterisk) you have to add the info for one extension (number, name, MAC-config-file),
something like this:


in var/www/html/digium_phones
you add a blf-config file (for the line keys, I posted mine above) and a phonebook-file


Every time you change something in your configs…hit the reconfigure-button in the Digium phones module.

After the first setup a DPMA reload might not hurt either (Admin-Asterisk-CLI)
#>module reload res_digium_phone.so

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Just to let you know…I ordered a new Digium/Sangoma D80 today. It will take about 2 weeks, because I get it from China. I will post my results and configurations here in this forum…in case you are still interested :wink:

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Nice Ill be interested to hear how it works for you. Post your findings here when you get it! Appreciate the help

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Just one last question: What is the version of the Digium phone module you are using?

In the Asterisk Wiki I read this:
“Does the D80 work with Digium’s Digium Phone Add-on for FreePBX?
Yes. Beginning with version of the Digium Phones Add-on for FreePBX (DPAF), contacts and favorites are correctly populated for the D80.”

EDIT: this is weird…in the wiki they write “Digium phones ADD-ON”…the Digium Addons on my freePBX machine are…no update available?! I think they mean the Digium phones config module…

yes, correct…check the version of your Digium phones config module…

EDIT: Forget about it…you already mentioned it in a previous post…sorry :wink: It could be possible that they introduced a new bug in later versions…so you could try to go back to version!

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I tried rolling back to and no luck but I guess I could roll back to and give it a shot…