Digium D80 Status Error

(Charles Darwin) #21

In the Digium phones config module there is an internal phonebook. Add the extensions and activate “can monitor” as shown.

For the external phonebook I created a script, which converts the entries of the freePBX contact manager to an xml-file the Digium Ds can read

(Defcomllc) #22

If this worked this would be a huge help to using the D80 at client locations till EPM works with the D80… But it doesnt…

I again deleted the D80 extension from EPM and disabled DPMA in EPM>General Settings… I re-installed Digium Phone Module… and turned off Easy mode…

I factory defaulted my D80 yet again, and added the D80 mac to the Phones section of the Digium Phone Module for the extension I want to use. The phone immediately provisions and works (yes STATUS is back working again).

I then updated the Phonebooks section within the Digium phone module by creating a Phonebook, then I added internal “Extensions” to the phonebook, then added a few External entries just for testing purposes. I went back to “Phones” within the Digium module, clicked Edit next to the extension the D80 mac is assigned, I slid the newly created Phonebook from the “Available Phonebooks” section to “Assigned Phonebooks” then Saved and then Apply Config. I tried hitting “Reconfigure” next to that extension, I tried factory defaulting the D80 again and letting it pull/provision…

No matter what I do, on the D80, when I go to contacts, or drag the quick contacts menu from right side of screen or go to favorites…none of my phonebook shows up anywhere on the D80…

Am I missing something on this D80 or does Phonebook not work with the D80 within the Digium Phones module???

(Charles Darwin) #23

Are you sure that your D80 doesn’t still use your old config file? I think the EPM manager generates config files and puts them in the tftp folder.
EPM ist just a web gui…the phones always need some sort of config files.

Just to be sure that your phone connects to the right service, you could rename the mDNS service in the general settings of the Digium phones module. When you restart your phone, it shows you the name of the server.


(Charles Darwin) #24

Did you press the reconfigure button on the phone tab of the Digium phones module?

(Defcomllc) #25

yes, multiple times, and each time i press it…it pops up a box that says Phone “ExtensionName” will reconfigure shortly…

(Defcomllc) #26

Trying to rename mDNS service name now and factory defaulting phone…

(Defcomllc) #27

So during phone reboot after renaming mDNS service name…it just says “fetching config from sip:proxy@192.168.500.50:5827” on phone reboot…doesnt say service name…

IP and port substituted, not actual address for online posting purposes…But it does say the correct freePBX server IP and port…

(Charles Darwin) #28

Well, maybe a factory reset is required to choose the service and the extension number again.
Anyway, I just use the advanced DPMA method with the xml files and therefore cannot help you, if you stick with the web gui.
FreePBX is a great gui, but for 10% of the configuration you still have to use the terminal window and a ftp-client.

(Defcomllc) #29

If I go to Advanced Settings on the D80 and Click Reconfigure, it does show the correct mDNS Service name shown under General Settings under Digium Phone module. So its just not getting the Phonebook info for some reason…

(Defcomllc) #30

Im new to freePBX. Using XML to configure settings, etc. I wouldnt even know where to start.

(Charles Darwin) #31

Do you know how to use e.g. Filezilla to view/edit files? If yes, you have to check where your config files are. I posted my config file above and it has two lines for the phonebooks. Check if the path is correct…in your config file.

(Defcomllc) #32

I do know how to use FileZilla…but I dont know how to use FileZilla to check files on my freePBX…instructions or a link on how to??

(Charles Darwin) #33

ok I got it…
No, in this case you either switch the easy mode in the Digium phone module on, or you use the EPM with DPMA on. …and wait for a fix :wink:

(Charles Darwin) #34

As far as I remember the easy mode of the Digium phone module populates the blf keys automatically…with phonebook entries.

(Defcomllc) #35

Not on the D80…maybe on the other models but nothing on the D80. Just went back to Easy Mode, factory defaulted D80 and still, no contacts…Phone works fine, just cant get any contacts, blf, line keys, etc. on the phone.

(Charles Darwin) #36

How old is this phone? Did you try to upgrade the firmware? There is a firmware update tab in the Digium phones module.

(Charles Darwin) #37

Current firmware is 1.12.8…you can also use the webgui of the phone for the upgrade.

(Defcomllc) #38

First thing I did last week when I got the phone is used the Firmware update tab in the Digium phones module and updated to latest firmware which Im currently running 1_12_8…

(Charles Darwin) #39

I am out of ideas :wink:
You could try to use older firmware versions with EPM…but it might well be that the D80 currently needs the xml file method with freePBX.

I would love to test it, but do not want to spend 280€ for a test phone :wink:

(Defcomllc) #40

I got mine for $130 on ebay refurbished phone. Looked practically new when it arrived. I also wasn’t spending that amount to test…