Dialing more than 10 numbers

Some companies give you more than 10 digits, for example if they use an alpha-numeric phone number (for example, 800. callthis). I just ran into an issue where the phone would not connect if I put in the whole string (“number cannot be dialed as is”), but it does connect if I put in 10 digits. (in this case 800-callthi). I have used FreePBX for years and have never run into this issue (although I can’t remember if I ever dialed more than 10 digits). Is this a new “feature”? Do I need to change my calling plan to allow more than 10 digits?

No, 800 numbers are always 10 digits, the extra digits are intended to be mnemonic and should always be discarded

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I am surprised any company would still advertise like this. You used to be able to dial the longer numbers in the analog days because the POTS switch would start routing your call as soon as it received the first 11 (with initial 1) or 10 digits. So you could keep on dialing and it would be ignored. With POTS lines becoming endangered species this won’t work any more. Younger people who have never known legacy tech would probably try to dial a long number.

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