Deliberate delayed call pickup

We recently moved to VoIP. Through a gateway our old PBX is connected to the VoIP world. Our old PBX has limited functionality and is not upgradable anymore. Voice mail does not work anymore.

Our SIP trunk provider does allow for SIP forking. Multiple devices may log in to the same SIP account / trunk. We would like to configure a FreePBX instance to act as our voicemail solution. The gateway would register at the SIP provider and the FreePBX instance would register at the SIP provider.

How can we configure FreePBX to pick up any incoming call only after a set delay, say 15 sec. Obviously we would like to give the regular users of the old PBX to pick up an incoming call.

How do we have to configure FreePBX?

If we configure a virtual extension that has voice mail activated an incoming call is immediately picked up and the users of our old PBX have no chance of picking up a call.


In your Inbound Route, click the Advanced tab and set Pause Before Answer to 15.

sweet, thanks for your quick reply. it worked like a charm.

say we would like to include a time condition. during business hours users get 20 sec to pick up the call and during off business hours calls get immediately routed to the voice mail.

creating a catch all inbound route with a time condition as a target obviously works. but the time condition needs a target as well. this target could be another inbound route. but creating multiple catch all (identical) inbound routes does not work. is there another target that can be configured to pause before it answers a call?

I’m not sure I understand where you want to go with this. Why are you deliberately throttling the calls that should be answered? No judgement, I’d just like to understand where you are going and be in a position to possibly express a more effective approach.

Please try the following:

Create two Virtual Extensions. For example, 1112 and 1113.

1113 is a dummy and needs no configuration except setting User Extension to 1113. Create this first.

For 1112, set User Extension to 1112, then go to the Follow Me tab and set:
Enabled: Yes
Initial Ring Time: 20 (desired answer delay when business is open)
Follow-Me List: 1113
No Answer destination: Voicemail, desired box to take messages.

Then, set your Time Condition to go to Extension 1112 when open, the voicemail box when closed.

Finally, set your Inbound Route (with answer delay removed) to go to the Time Condition.

@Stewart1 it works exactly as desired. Thank you very much!

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