How to make java answer a call after 10 seconds?

I think i need a push in the right direction. I am trying to make java answer a incoming call. I have been looking a dial plans inside extensions.config. I think i am a little overloaded right now. Anyone have some good links?

What are you trying to accomplish?

Is the Java app running on the FreePBX machine? Another machine connected e.g. via HTTPS requests? A device connected via a trunk?

Is this an existing app? If so, what does it do? If you will be writing it and want to use Java because you are most comfortable programming in that language, please give us an outline of what it should do.

Yes java is my most comfortable programming language.

Essentially java would wait a specified amount of time to answer a call, play a recording and then record the call. Then save the call as a .wav and write it to a file server. Java would act like an answering machine. Data would then be persisted into a database, time called, cid, path to .wav, etc. I know freepbx supports OBDC but i do not want to store the bits of the recording on the database.

A lot of this seems to be possible with voicemail from a virtual extension and a ring group. But I cannot configure those properly to work correctly. (there is only a .5 second ring when the ring time is specified to 8). I want to do this in java because I am most comfortable and it allows me to integrate it with other things easier. Like if i want a speaker to play the person voice as they are leaving a message.

It would be run on the same machine pi4(2 gb ram). As for the implementation ie http or a trunk I am not sure. The one that would be most conducive to intergrate with java.

I want to delay the call from the answering machine(freepbx/asterisk) picking up so someone in the office has time to pick up the phone like an actually answering machine does. I think that is what you were asking, sorry if i misunderstood. Thank you for that link ill take a look.

That’s different from your initial request. If ‘someone’ is on a FreePBX extension, route the incoming call to a Ring Group with Voicemail as the no answer destination.

If the call will be taken via a parallel path (not involving the PBX), the link above should show you a solution.

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