Ring time settings not working for virtual extension voice mail

i have a VOIP phone number from my SIP Provider and I use normally severeal SIP Clients (on PC, on my mobile, a real SIP Phone from GigaSet) connecting to this number. Everything works fine.

The only thing is, I dont have an answering machine.

So I want to connect freepbx in addition to the others and just use it as an answering machine, if one of the other phones does not answer a call after let say 25 seconds.

I defined in my freePBX a trunk with the number
and an inbound route
and an virtual extension (11)
any incoming call should ring at least 25 sec and then voicemail shall take the call

In the inbound route I defined to forward to extension 11
extension 11 has voice recording installed.

And now I have some issues:
pbx answers the calls immediate. My other SIP phone cllients do not ring, when freepbx is connected.
Any ringtime or call forward time i set up is completely ignored.

after hours of trials i have no idea whats wrong.

Can anybody help me?

i did it the same way as described in your linked solution.

Now it does not go directly to the Voicemail, but ist still keeps on ringing - No voicemail at all :confused:

I did:
vExtension 10: the dummy, no other settings than default.

vExtension 11: the real voice mail extension
ringtime: 20
follow me list: only 10
destination no answer: voicemail 11

TimeGroup “Business hours”:

Time Condition “Rufannahme Standard”:
Dest matches: Extension 11
Not mathces: Voicemail 11

TimeConditions: “Rufannahme Standard”
Pause before Answer:15

Do you have any other recommendations? (e.g. what are the required settings for several other time options?)

many greetings and thank you

With the virtual extension setup, Pause Before Answer should be left blank.

If that doesn’t help, please report what happens when you call extension 11 from another extension on the PBX.

I changed Inbound: pause before Answer: 0

I have an extension Number 1 with MicroSip Softphone on the PBX:
Dial out: works
When I call 11, after one ring tone, the Voicemail Starts.
When I call 10 - I get service unavilable

If I call my Provider phone Numer from outside the PBX: it points directly to the Mailbox without ringing.

If you like, we can plan a Jitsi Meet

Thank you!

I hate this System. So buggy and unreproduceable.

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