Connectwise integration with screen popups

I’m looking to do CRM integration, specifically with connectwise. I’ve seen the superfecta portion, but it doesn’t seem to quite hit the last step I want. We have connectwise configured with TAPI to talk to the phone system already, so we’d like it as part of the CID superfecta to send a request to the proper users connectwise app and pop up on their screen who’s on the phone/show open tickets for the user so we can more efficiently help them.

You need to hook in to macro-dialout-one-predial-hook. Superfecta is more of a global app

That’s one area I’m not experienced in. Is there anything you have that can send me down the proper path so I can do it properly?

how did you get connectwise integrated with FreePBX? We are trying to do the same thing.

Has anyone made progress with a ConnectWise integration?
We’ve been using SIPtapi but want to do more than dial out.

We have only been able to integrate it with Connectwise to pull the contact info for Superfecta caller ID

Hi gwntc, Can you please send me some info on how you did the integration for Superfecta Caller ID? I tried this couple of times but end up giving up as it never worked. :disappointed: Will really appreciate if you can send me any details mate.



Checkout the new Sangoma Connectwise integration solution. I believe it was Tony that had stated that this will be available very soon for Connectwise.


We currently support 4 CRMs as outlined here.

Connectwise is in progress but stalled waiting for connectwise to get back to us on some things and approval to join the partner program they have for 3rd party devs.

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Do you need someone to drive over there and tell them to respond? I work less than 3 miles from their HQ.

I am part of the Dev program with them and have some contacts over there. If this goes clear until ITNation I will yell at them myself to get back to you. We really want this.

I can give Arnie a call if you need me to.


Hi Tony,

Are there any updates on this module working with Connectwise?


We just finished it today. Now it goes through QA


Ohhhh i would love to Alpha test! I am part of the Connectwise Dev community. :slight_smile:

Well maybe we should give some feedback to you on their APIs and the amount of work it took to get this far. It had been harder than any vendor we have ever connected ant type of APIs with.

@jfinstrom can comment with more info

Oh! I never said I liked it. Lol. Their integration is incredibly complex. However if you have worked with the backend you would see why. I love Connectwise as a PSA/CRM but there is just so much to it that it’s quite overwhelming when trying to make any software for it.

It’s worse than that. It’s very buggy API. Complex is fine and FreePBX is very complex. It’s the random responses it gives on the same API call and the constant API is down and unreachable that sucks.

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Where can we buy this module? I would like to test it out

Its the CRM Module and I dont think Connectwise has released yet. Its only in internal Beta testing.