Cisco ip phone 78xx

hi, how can i configure cisco ip Telephone model 7811 for asterisk freePBX? If anyone know about that, please write detailed step by step? how to create xml config file and where it’s stored?

The 78xx series are SIP-only.

… and yet will only work with FreePBX is the OpenSIP feature code is enabled. IIRC, Chan-SCCP-B will communicate with these phones if they are not properly coded and featured for Open SIP.

By SIP-only, I meant there is no SCCP on the phones.

I know. I’m agreeing. Without the OpenSIP firmware on the phone, it’s really not an easy thing.

Now, I think that the Chan-SCCP-B driver and the SCCP Manager may be able to talk to the phone in spite of the fact that it’s SIP. I may have mis-read the documentation for both projects, but I think (I’ve never done it) that the Chan-SCCP-B channel driver implements enough of the CUCM control structures that you can connect these phones (of all firmware loads) to FreePBX.

If you try it and it doesn’t work, please let us know. I’m willing to be proven wrong on this.

Thanks you all, i have configured cisco ip phone 7811 with .xml config file. xml config file is stored on TFTP folder. IP phone take up it’s all config from that file.

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