Is the Cisco - CP-7811-K9= will work with FreePBX?


Is the Cisco - CP-7811-K9= will work with FreePBX? We dosen’t have CUCM, all we have is a FreePBX system. I already checked on the Cisco web site and its doesn’t seem to be clear if it will work or not.



There is a SIP load for this phone, so it’s going to be the challenging subset of Cisco phones on Asterisk. Chan-sccp-b should support that phone (as it does most CUCM phones) but I’m having a little trouble finding specific references.


Thanks for the info! :grinning:

I finally brought the CP-7821-3PCC and it work. (Apparently all ending with “-3PCC” from Cisco work with FreePBX and/or with any 3rd party call control manager). Now need to find an wireless one because my CP-8821-K9 will not work with my FreePBX deployment (I was not award of this 3PCC things few months ago). I now need to sell my CP-8821 and wait for if Cisco can release an wireless one with 3PCC (open SIP)… :disappointed:


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