CID can get to IVR but have to enter PIN or being in whitelist to an certain option on IVR

CID XXXXXXXX is on IVR listening options.
For that CID is allowed to get all options, except option number 6!
When entering option number 6, this CID should pass through whitelist or blacklist to get this extension. Or has to enter a PIN to enter on this extension!

Is this possible?

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Branching a call based on a condition is done using the Dynamic Routes module. If you set up the AllowList module, you can use a dynroutes “Asterisk Variable” query that looks like this


The above expression will return a 1 if the callers CID number is in the AllowList database, otherwise it will return a 0. You can then set the destination for each condition using 0 and 1, like this:

As far as challenging callers for a PIN, you can do that with a standard IVR if everyone has the same PIN, otherwise you can also use dynroutes to check the caller provided PIN against an API using an API lookiup.

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Worked like a charm!

Thank you so much for your help!

Best Regards

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