Powerful Call Flow control using the Dynamic Routes Module

(Lorne Gaetz) #1

Blog post about @johnfawcett’s Dynamic Routes module …

Need help to implement some crazy stuff? Please heeelp :)
(Mitch Mitchell) #2

In the blog he makes the statement:

    "it was officially contributed to the FreePBX project, and now any admin running FreePBX/PBXact version 15 can directly install a signed copy from module repos"

But I cannot seem to find it in any of the module repositories.

(Kapil Gupta) #3

Happy New Year !!

Please use the “unsupported” repo and then try to fetch the module. If you are looking for GIT then it’s available under the Freepbx Contributed Module category. https://git.freepbx.org/projects/FPBXCN/repos/dynroute/browse/module.xml

Best Regards

(James Zhu) #4

I have installed by source, will try the flow:

(Communication Technologies) #5

Will there be a FreePBXwiki on this module (if there is not one already)? It did not pop up on a cursory google.

(James Zhu) #6

not ready yet, just for test now.