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Good afternoon people.
Is it possible in chan_pjsip to see in which device the extension is registered?

In chan_sip, we typed sip show peer (Extension number) in asterisk and it appeared in which device that extension was registered. (Image attached)
Captura de tela de 2023-05-18 16-30-30

In chan_pjsip I already tried some commands and this information does not appear.

Thank you very much in advance

pjsip show contact <extension number>
pjsip show contacts
pjsip show endpoint <extension number>
pjsip show endpoints

Asterisk CLI will also let you tab complete so you can type pjsip show and then tab to see all the options.

Just realized that my answer didn’t get you what you are looking for. This thread has a possible answer for you.

It worked, thank you very much.

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