[Solved] How-To: Using PJSIP: Get IP endpoint (make/model/firmware)

Hi SangomaOS Team:
Hi FreePBX forum members:

When using SangomaOS (built from .ISO) and at the Asterisk CLI …
In the old days, we could use the command:

sip show peers

From this output, one could see the “LAN/WAN” IP address (long story) …

Also, one could see the make/model of the IP endpoint
Also, one could see the firmware version of the IP endpoint

This does not come up with:

pjsip show endpoints

Besides using: database show [press enter]

Is there any other way to find out the make/model of the registered IP endpoint (and) its firmware version?

Is this information somewhere inside of the UI now?

Is there a way to learn this from SangomaOS / Asterisk / CLI?

Thanks for any tips / suggestions.

I’d be curious to know if there is a way to do this inside the asterisk CLI as well. I’ve been pulling it from the http access logs as the firmware version is logged there.

me too interested in this anser

The analog to sip show peers is

> pjsip show contacts

  Contact:  <Aor/ContactUri..............................> <Hash....> <Status> <RTT(ms)..>

  Contact:  7004/sip:[email protected]:5060;ob            408b5c7335 Avail        32.715

There currently no way to get the SIP useragent string from the Asterisk CLI, but it is hidden in the AstDB. There are likely more elegant ways to get it, but once I have the hash (or the contact URI) from the output above, I will grep it from the DB with:

asterisk -x "database show registrar contact" | grep 408b5c7335

This worked out great.
Thank you for this tip, Lorne

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