Can we auto trigger SMS to callers?

Hi, we need to auto trigger send SMS to callers in 2 instances :

  1. When someone receives their call, then when they hang up, he should get one SMS-A-template.

  2. When someone calls and no one receives, then the caller should SMS-b-template.

Can we auto trigger SMS this way to be sent automatically to callers ?

I don’t see why you couldnt do it. How you do it depends on how you are getting your sms service. I’ve used Zipwhip (sms provider) to call their send text API in the dialplan via system.

Anyway you cut it, I would imagine you would need to add some custom code to your dialplan to accomplish this.

Ok my SMS API is ready.
I was just checking if there is some pre built option to set up in FreePBX or I need to hire someone to do it