Call centre agent login with answer call by handset

Hi All, my environment having 5 extension and the staff got 10 people. each shift will only have 5 staff will going to answer the call. For the call centre module, we want to answer the inbound call by ringing the hard phone and answer it by handset. Due to sharing extension, we unable to keep track the agent performance report. in other solutions, we try to use call centre agent login instead of agent callback login. In this agent login function, can we make it the inbound call come to queue and ringback the hard phone then answer it by handset?


Two common approaches I see with this are

  1. To have people unregister and register the extension when they get to the desk. Similar to logging in and out.
  2. Another approach is to use FreePBX in Device and User mode. This is fringe, and lacks robust support, but will give you an experience where there is a desk extension and an agent ID you can login with.

Thanks for your answer. it is almost commit to my environment. after I login user into those device, can this user go to my queue?

Yes, that would be the idea, users (not extensions) as queue members.

Im newbie on this module. may I know how can we configure user(not extension) into the dynamic member?

You need to research (google) device and user mode to understand what you are doing. You will set FreePBX to device and user mode, this will change several things about the PBX.

Once the PBX is set to D&U mode, you will be able to put agents in the queue.

The link I posted earlier specifically tells you how to enable D&U mode. Enable it, read about it, and let us know how it goes.

Here’s another good article:

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