PJSIP vs Device and User Mode

I am currently using Device and User mode and having some general issues with modules. I understand it is not supported by FreePBX so that is why some modules don’t display data correctly or act weird.

So from what I understand with PJSIP vs Chan_SIP extensions can log into the system from multiple devices. So you can have the behavior of Device and User mode while in extension mode. is this correct?

Does anyone have any experience switching from Device and User mode to PJSIP? The problem is my users like having multiple phones with the same extensions. They may have more then one office or want a softphone etc. I have messed around with ring groups and assigning voice mail boxes but there were still issues. Like BLF buttons being lite when a person is on the phone. Or grabbing a call vai a BLF button. Basically when I switch to extension mode I had upset users :slight_smile:

Device and User mode is a very powerful. It would be nice if FreePBX supported it… but beggars can’t be choosers!!!


Hmm, what FreePBX/Asterisk version do you run ?

(because, last time I read, chan_pjsip is for Asterisk 12 and over, and that is available in FreePBX 13 which has ‘only just’ been released to beta status…)
What’s your issues on currently running versions? because FreePBX 12.0.70/Asterisk 11.4.2 I run in D&E mode and am not aware of anything nasty ?

I am running FreePBX 12/Asterisks 11 as well and I am not running into anything nasty either.

  1. UCP does not show outbound number it shows the Device ID CDR is correct but not UCP
  2. The endpoint manager does not send the account Name but the device ID.
  3. The endpoint manager has issues with multiple accounts per phone (not sure about this one still working on it.

I am just doing some investigating prior to upgrading.


I don’t believe that PJSIP via FreePBX is ready for primetime. That may have changed, but the last time that I checked, FreePBX support for PJSIP was limited…

The primary issues I have are with commercial modules. When running D&U mode you can’t really complain when something does not work as expected because it is not supported.

The EndPoint manager does not send the account name over to the phone correctly. The Endpoint manager integration into the user control panel does not work correctly. The CDR does not work correctly in the user control panel. It all looks related to the D&U mode.

With that said, most other things do work fine in D&U mode.

According to all the different sources I had a chance to read (too many to quote here probably) it has been pointed out of that exactly.

Except for CDR in UCP, that does work for me actually, shows, plays etc., even with multiple users having multiple devices, as far as FreePBX 12.0.76 with Asterisk Ver. 11.19.0… what was supposed to be the problem here ? (I’m not using voicemail though, and other fancy features like follow me; my incoming calls are handled by a queue to increase possibility of incoming ringing call concurrency - but that’s about the most ‘advanced’ feature I use; oh and I don’t have a line card yet, it all goes on SIP trunk and internal SIP hard and softphones - including tunneling over mobile data…)

I’m not running and currently not in need of running the other modules in question;

This is not true. We support PJSIP

It is fully supported in version 13?

I don’t know what you mean by “fully”