Blocking inbound by caller ID using other than blacklist

Okay, so I use the blacklist for blocking. I have it set so if a call comes in that’s on the list, they go to an IVR that gives them a second chance. The idea is spam calls from spoofed numbers might be legit businesses who have had their numbers spoofed, and I want to be able to capture the business should they make a call to me one day.

Now, I have some people I simply want to hang up on, is there something in FreePBX that allows for that to run while the blacklist does its job?

Oh, I’m running asterisk 13.22.0 with FreePBX

You can set up an Inbound Route that matches the bad guy’s caller ID, with Destination Terminate Call -> Hangup. If you have lots of these, create a .csv and use Bulk Handler to set them up.

However, IMO blacklists of any kind are a waste of time because they take a lot of effort to maintain. There is probably a better approach for you that is more automated. How is a call from a previously unknown number handled now?

That’s what I was looking for. I dodn;t remember seeing a Caller ID field in the inbound routes, and you set me straight. In this case, there’s one person that I want to block, no matter what DID he hits. He is also on a hosted PBX with 199 DIDs, so yeah, if I can do a bulk handler for this, maybe it will work.

Create one Inbound Route with DID Number blank, the a-hole’s number in CID Number, and CID Priority Route set to Yes. When he calls, it will use that route, regardless of the number dialed.

I grabbed all of his DIDs and condensed them down to a simple csv file. From what I can tell, there’s no way to bulk import DIDs into inbound routes, so I’m going to modify what my blacklist does and force callers on the list to leave a message. I need to configure email for messages. I used to know how to do it…

Sure there is. Create one manually, do an export, edit the .csv to include all of them and import that.

If he has a block of 200 numbers, it’s even easier; you can use a pattern to match all of them with one Inbound Route.

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Sure enough. Gotta export and import DIDs. Oh well. I did it on the blacklist, so for now, that’s that with that. I’ll give it another look, but for now, it’s late and my brain has gone soft. Tomorrow will be another day. Thank you kindly for your help on this.

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Here’s another approach:

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