BLF stops updating after "Apply Config"

Has anyone else seen this issue where BLF stops updating properly after doing an “Apply Config” from the GUI?
I’ve checked that they system and modules are all up to date.

It seems to happen every single time.
If I restart the system, everything is working fine until another “Apply Config”.

Currently running FreePBX (system version 12.7.6-1910-1.sng7) and Asterisk 16.6.2.

Chan_SIP or PJSIP? Is ‘allow transport reload’ enabled in Asterisk SIP Settings?

This is a brand new install and it defaulted to PJSIP so I left it.
“Allow transport reload” is enabled under Asterisk SIP Settings for PJSIP.
The hint shows that it is not recommended to be enabled, but it must have been enabled by default as I didn’t change it.
Should I disable that?

Yes. No idea if it will help, but it should be disabled.

It actually did solve the issue, thank you!

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