After 14 upgrade, fax and call logging not working

Everything seemed to go fine. However:

  1. I either get an error 16 when trying to send a fax, or it tries to dial for several minutes and then fails with an “unknown error” message.

  2. When I try to run either either CDR or Call Event Logging, a get a completely empty log, i.e. no calls, even though many were made and received.

Everything worked fine under 13.

I’m not the most sophisticated FreePBX user, though I’ve been running my system for 3 years, now. Any help would be appreciated.

(I am assuming we are talking of a distro upgrade here…)


Maybe this problem:

Can you try a

yum install libtiff-tools


You have calls which were made before the upgrade, right?

(otherwise the table might be crashed…)

If you have old data, please read this

and see if you have one of the problems described…

Good luck and have a nice day!