Add external number (mobile) to a queue


I’ve been looking at adding a mobile / cell phone to a queue and wanting it to ring if there’s no answer in the queue for 20 seconds. This would be just via typing the number to honour the outbound route, in the “Static Agents” field.

The problem I’ve got is, I don’t want all extensions ringing to stop ringing for a second just to start ringing the mobile (I want the agent timeout to be unlimited).

Is this possible? Or a limitation in FreePBX?


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I guess what would be good is to be able to add an extension ringing (via penalty) without sending the hangup and retry to already ringing extensions, as if the phone is cutting off after 20 seconds that can be at the time they pick up the phone an then there is nobody on the phone then it starts ringing again?

OK in the end the most efficient and user-experience way I’ve done this is to create a virtual extension, with ‘Follow Me’ enabled after X seconds. Then added that extension in the queue as a priority / penalty 0.

Now the usual extensions ring, then if after the amount of seconds specified in the follow-me for the virtual extension has passed, the mobile starts ringing. :slight_smile:

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